Belmond La Samanna: a lazy Caribbean escape
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The Belmond Hotel Group has long been a recognised name in the luxury travel market. Their line of extraordinary high-end hotels and villas can be found in almost every must-see destination around the world.
Today though, we’re taking a little jaunt to the Caribbean – more specifically, the delightful West Indies – to Belmond La Samanna in St Martin. Tune out now if you hate gorgeous beach getaways!

belmond la samanna honeymoon suite

belmond la samanna main building night

belmond la samanna outdoor terrace view

The beauty in this complex is in its simplicity. Whilst it lacks some of the features of a true five star hotel, it is perfect for those seeking a comfortable place to relax in style. The ideal environment for families and overworked couples in need of some serious R&R.

belmond la samanna marble bath

outdoor terrace

outdoor pool at night

As you can see, we’re clearly scraping the barrel of the tourism world here.

Okay, all jokes aside. I must admit, the former backpacker in me died a little on the inside after seeing this beauty. The idea of private beachfront dinners with tiki torches, champagne, and a seafood platter made me see the error in my youth. Let alone the double patio doors opening onto your suite’s private balcony, overlooking the crisp blue waters of the Whocareswhatitscalledbecausethisisincredible Sea (I’m pretty sure that’s its official name).


villa terrace

Once you’ve taken up residence here, you’ll be making plans to live out your golden years surrounded by blue waters and white billowing curtains, complete with room service provided by your very own butler. It’s the kind of luxury that makes you realise you’re never going to travel budget again.

And let’s face it…


villa bedroom

villa living room

…who’d want to.

Image Credit: Belmond La Samanna
PO Box 4077, 97064 St Martin, CEDEX, French West Indies

Tel: 590 590 87 6400

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