The Most Expensive Suite in the World
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Put down your coffee. Tell your mother you’ll phone her back.

This is it. The most expensive suite in the world.

Welcome to Switzerland. Home to an extraordinarily high standard of living, a multilingual population, those charmingly colourful folk in the Swiss Guard, as well as arguably the best watches and chocolate in the world. What else? Oh, that’s right. THIS.

The Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva. There are 48 suites to choose from in this luxurious hotel, but who are you kidding. There’s *really* only one. And this one will provide you with the classic ‘out of money’ experience that can only be bought by the insanely wealthy.

At around US$67,000 per night, you’re paying for 1800 square metres of luxury goodness. With a track record that includes guests such as Michael Jackson, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Bill Clinton, I’m pretty sure they’d be able to handle just about anything.

Whatever you want – Bulletproof glass, Steinway grand piano, private gym, billiards table, private elevator, you’ve got it. Hell, even the bathroom toiletries are Hermès.

Of course, if you should feel the need to leave your suite at any point, the hotel also has an array of stunning dining options, glamorous bars, and a delightful outdoor pool, but you’d probably have to drag me, kicking and screaming, out of the room.


lux1274re-101717-BayViewRestaurant lux1274po-110302-Exteriorpoolatnight lux1274mf-92554-GalleryLobby Hotel-President-Wilson-Restaurant-Bay-View-Weinkeller--lux1274re1017162Hotel-President-Wilson-Restaurant-Bay-Hotel-President-Wilson-iew-lux1274re101715 Hotel-President-Wilson-Lobby-Entry-Vestibule-lux1274lo116229 Hotel-President-Wilson-Imperial-Suite-Wohnzimmer2-lux1274gr116235 Hotel-President-Wilson-Imperial-Suite-Esszimmer-lux1274gr1162322 Hotel-President-Wilson-Glow-Bar-lux1274re101719 Hotel-President-Wilson-Balkon-lux1274ag116228 Hotel-President-Wilson-Aussenpool-lux1274po110300 royal penthouse suite living area1274-Hotel-Photos-Royal-Penthouse-Suite-Bedroom-Hotel-President-Wilson-Geneva-1600x900


Image Credit: Hotel President Wilson

Switzerland, we salute you.

What do you think? Is this suite worth the extraordinarily hefty price tag? Let us know!


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