The Chedi Andermatt Furka Suite: a Swiss Mountainside Haven
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Here at Suite Suggestions, we’re definitely partial to the occasional spot of luxury, and these days, the world of luxury travel is at the fingertips of more travellers than ever. There are however different levels of luxury, and I’m a firm believer that just once in your lifetime, you should bow down to the pressures of the loathsome ‘#YOLO’ (don’t judge me!) for a feel-good travel moment. A moment where all regard for monetary consequences goes flying out the window along with the moths in your wallet, as you splash out on something spectacular. That being said, there’s a fine line between luxury and dabbling in the fanciful world of the rich and famous. The Furka Suite at The Chedi Andermatt is the king of class and lies at the high end of luxury, without entering the minefield of celebrity hang outs. If you’re looking for your “once in a lifetime” splurge, then the elegantly styled Furka Suite at the Chedi Andermatt is the place to do it – and it won’t cost the earth.

Snuggled in the peaks of the Urseren Valley, this luxury retreat is paradise for those who have a penchant for peace and quiet, alongside a burning desire to zip down some of the finest ski slopes this world has to offer. The Chedi Andermatt boasts 123 spacious and wonderfully crafted rooms and suites. All are awash with understated earthy tones throughout, and with elegant wooden floors beneath your toes and soft leather furnishings for weary legs, these rooms take comfort to a whole new level. But, as delightful as the diverse collection of rooms at the Chedi Andermatt is, we’re here to paint a picture of the Furka Suite – their most sensational creation.


Designed by the award winning Jean-Michel Gathy, who worked his magic on the interior of the entire hotel, The Furka Suite benefits from his distinct touch. The contemporary Asia meets Alpine style is in keeping with the rest of the hotel, but the suite’s appearance is elevated due to its sheer size, layout and overall awe-inspiring location. This architectural triumph spans 3695 sq ft, is two storeys high and benefits from an expansive panoramic view of the majestic mountain range that surrounds the vast, private balcony. Snow lies on the branches of the pine trees, and the scent of all things alpine fills the air. This would be an ideal setting for a romantic weekend getaway, or if you enjoy a little extra company, The Furka Suite is able to accommodate up to six people – a perfect family escape. Evenings spent around the fire are evenings well spent here. The leather sofas are soft to the touch, the fire warming to the heart. Tuck yourself away under the indulgent faux fur cushions and throws, they’re sure to keep you cosy.

Furka suite bedroom


furka suite living roomEach storey is as elegant as the other, and with spectacular mountain views from all three bedrooms, you’ll never get tired of waking up to the sight of Saint-Gotthard Massif and the Furka mountain pass in the mornings. The rooms are comfortable, stylish, cosy and warm. The exposed wood and natural stone throughout adds a beautiful touch to this already rustic, soulful retreat. Tucked away on the upper level of the suite is an indulgent personal spa, with a steam bath, sauna and Jacuzzi. Not having to venture out for the three minutes it takes to reach the hotel’s spa sits firmly at the very top of the list of reasons why this suite is simply sublime and has every aspect of luxury covered.

living room


furka suite terraceThis is less of a hotel room and more of a home away from home, as it dwarfs even the largest of the Chedi’s differing suites. From the softness of the bath towels to the feel of the warm wooden floorboards beneath the soles of your feet, everything you could need to live the luxury lifestyle is right here, nestled in the elegance of the Swiss Alps.


bedroom 2bathroom

chedi andermattspaThe hotel as a whole offers a taste of complete tranquility. There’s a relaxed vibe throughout, and the welcoming staff are always on hand to help. So, whether you’d enjoy the benefit of a personal ski butler joining you on the slopes, or a limo transfer would be the cherry on the cake, they’ve got it covered. The hotel serves up the true flavours of Asia in their authentic Japanese restaurant, and for those with a taste for a little after-dinner indulgence, the Wine & Cigar libraries are waiting.


japanese restaurantfurka suite dining areaswimming poolTo reach the Chedi Andermatt is not a taxing task. It’s just a two hour train journey from Zurich, and the journey itself is as picturesque as they come. There’s guaranteed snow fall in the winter, so why not head over for a spot of winter hibernation and rejuvenation in this luxury Alpine retreat. Come and join us in the chalet for a hot toddy 😉

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  • Ian @ Luxury Travels
    January 26, 2016 - Reply

    Great post, The Chedi Andermatt is a stunning hotel and whilst I didn’t stay in this particular suite I had a fantastic time there. Thanks for sharing!

    • Mrs Suite
      January 26, 2016 - Reply

      Thank you :) We agree, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

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