The Residence, Zanzibar: Your New Brag-Worthy Vacation Destination
June 25, 2014  |  By:   |  Africa, Tanzania  |  Comments are off

What’s not to like about Zanzibar? It’s got the pristine, idyllic white beaches of the Maldives, with the rich ‘melting pot’ cultural influences of Africa, India and the Middle East. It goes without saying that this is not the place to be a backpacker. If you do a luxury destination like this, you do it right, and there’s no better way, than with The Residence.


Ideal for those seeking some peace and quiet, the seclusion of this luxury hotel allows you to truly sit back and relax. The Residence offers luxury and tranquillity, and – get this – it actually delivers on both.

If stunning views, crystal clear waters and dreamy white sands aren’t your thing, then… we, uh, probably can’t be friends.

In all seriousness though, there’s very little to complain about at a place like this. 66 villas, each with a fantastic view (pool, garden or ocean – whatever floats your boat), 24 hour butler service, and even a kids club to keep the little ones happy and entertained.

I took a cheeky peek inside this gloriously decadent villa resort and had to fight back the sudden urge to pack my things, flee the city, and live a life of permanent opulence by the beach. BYO cabana boy.

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Photo Credit: The Residence Hotels

The Residence, Zanzibar, is located at Mchangamle – Kizimkazi, P. O. Box 2404, Zanzibar, Tanzania. 


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